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My beau is getting so good at making me cum, and that shit makes me happy as fuck.

Post orgasm cock torture. 

There’s really nothing hotter than seeing a grown man squirm around, whining like a little bitch. She should’ve tied his legs to the bed so he couldn’t get away! 

"MULTI ORGASMIC Erotic Massage With Oil"


Please do
PSA: ladies learn to master the finger job and he’ll never leave


Please do

PSA: ladies learn to master the finger job and he’ll never leave

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Hysterical Literature: Session Two: Alicia


Cute white girl with a bangin’ body massaged into multiple orgasms by two hot Japanese women. 

I just came to this one… 


Closeup Female Orgasms. Part 3 of 3. Incredible!!!


Closeup Female Orgasms. Part 1 of 3. God I Love these!


Make her cum… whether she wants to or not.  Hot!

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Girls who love to play with themself


Girls who love to play with themself

Aaaaaand I’m wet. 

A letter to my Beau,

You asked me a question while I was sucking your dick, and I gave a half-assed answer. I had my mouth full. Don’t ask me questions when I have a mouthful of cock. Kay? 

Now to answer your question.

Well, there are many reasons really…

  1. Watching your cock grow just from my face being near it.
  2. That first lick, when you’re still semi-flaccid. 
  3. Taking your entire length into my mouth and feeling it grow more and more firm as I pull away. 
  4. Feeling your pulsing veins on my tongue as I twirl it around your shaft. 
  5. The way your pubes smell when my nose nudges against them.
  6. Your balls sticking to my chin as I pull away after deep throating you.
  7. Rubbing your cock against my face and lips while sucking it.
  8. The slight sting after slapping your shaft against my lips.
  9. Gagging on your cock head as it hits the back of my throat.
  10. My slobber dripping from my chin to my tits, all gooey and delightful.
  11. Taking your balls into my mouth. One at a time at first, then both. 
  12. The way your balls slap my chin as you fuck my face. 
  13. Your scent. 
  14. How your balls hug up against your body as you come closer to orgasm.
  15. The way you throw your head back and close your eyes. 
  16. The way your hands feel on the back of my head, forcing me to take more.
  17. Your moans growing increasingly louder the closer you get.
  18. The way your cock head begins to throb in my mouth the closer you get.
  19. Watching your cock twitch and your muscles contract as you cum.
  20. Feeling your warm, gooey semen hit my skin.
  21. After a few minutes of being on my skin, it begins to dribble down my chin. 
  22. I could go on forever and ever. 

Was my answer good enough for you? 

She’s cute.